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Rhea Pappas has been a fine art photographer since 2004. Since then she has shown in the United States: New York, Vermont, Colorado, Minnesota, and California plus Internationally in Paris, France. Additionally she has also been recognized by; L'etoile Magazine- Best Artist of the Year  (2010), International Photo Awards- Honorable Mention (2009), Px3 Prix De La Photographie Paris- 1st Place Underwater, People's Choice Awards (2009), American Photographic Artists- 1st Place, Best of Students (2008), and the Scholastic Art Award- Gold Metal,Key Portfolio Winner, The Scholarship Award (2005).

It's not a secret that Rhea's work focuses on 2 main things, water and women. Raised in Golden Valley, Minnesota she grew up sailing with her father and at the beginning was a born water baby. Since 2008, Rhea has been working on multiple photography projects from capturing the uncontrollable Lake Superior (In the Sky and In the Water) to expressing the feeling of falling in love blindly underwater (Loss of Innocence). 

Reflections- 30x40 Limited Edition Print 1/12


Limited Edition:  30 x 40 is $1500  - Please Contact Artist for Limited Edition Orders

Prints:     20x24 is $650,   11x14 is $75,     8x10 us $30,    5x7 is $20,     4x6 is $10

Preview from my show Surfacing at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum

Minnesota Original Special

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